Greetings! Welcome! Come in from the cold!

I’ve got a strange tale for you today, deep in the snowy land of Irrisen, that land where White Witches walk in the same halls as icy fey, where the cold is the least of your worries. The great witch Baba Yaga has yet to return to remove her daughter from the throne of Irrisen as she has for centuries before, and an unnatural winter is spreading across Golarion.

In the sleepy village of Heldren, in the gilded land of Taldor, a plucky group of adventurers found themselves caught in the middle of it all. In the Silver Stoat, a tavern of chance encounters, local giant killer (self-proclaimed) Jak met and resident storyteller Sherazhad were recruited by the sheriff to find a missing lady fair. Together with Golluck, the half-orc paladin of Torag, Elytte, an orphaned pickpocket, and Magnus, a Pathfinder mage wielding magic of wilde proportions, they found themselves embroiled in a quest of otherwordly proportions. Their mission: to find the witch Baba Yaga before it’s too late, and Golarion becomes a world of ice and cold.h4.

Reign of Winter

Reign of winter banner Jak_the_Giant_Slayer supercrem9 SomeHobo ElytteTheTall